Thai Ginger & Thai Ginger Express is an authentic family run Thai restaurant based in the northern suburbs of Brisbane.

At Thai Ginger we use only the freshest ingredients, which our skilled Thai chefs craft into a range of mouth watering dishes to please all palettes.

All our dishes are individually cooked(which means there is sometimes along wait) including curries which ensure freshness & quality.
It is our aim to create delicious dishes that stay true to the traditional Thai recipe, that look beautiful and taste amazing. We take pride in how we present our dishes as we feel that a combination of taste, beauty and freshness is what will keep you all coming back for more.

An introduction to Thai Cuisine


thumb_buddha-2d-reliefIf you mentioned Thailand to a westerner say 30 years or so ago, more than likely they would confuse the country with the Chinese Republic on Taiwan. Or, if they even knew the name at all, all it was probably through Hollywood’s slightly libellous version of Thai “history” as portrayed in Anna and the King of Siam. Nowadays, of course, Thailand is known throughout the world, and the reason is the kingdom’s fabulous Thai cuisine. Thai restaurants and foods can be found in almost every nation and are patronized by people who may never have set foot in Southeast Asia or possibly never even left their own.

So just what is it that makes Thai cuisine special? Most likely it is the combination in each dish of the four basic flavours – sweet, sour, salty and spicy. Over the centuries, Thai cooking has borrowed freely from the culinary arts of China, India and Malaya, blending these different influences to create something that is truly unique. And while Thai food has a reputation for being spicy, in reality most dishes are not. The spiciness varies by region, and central Thai cuisine is the most commonly encountered variety and is probably the least spicy of all.

Recommended dishes for someone new to Thai Ginger, might be Stir-Fry Chicken with Cashew Nuts (chicken fried with onions, cashews and Vegetables with mild red peppers), Prawn Sabai (Marinated prawn wrapped in pastry & served with sweet chilli sauce), Stir-Fry Beef in Oyster Sauce (slices of beef & Vegetables cooked in oyster sauce), the famous Tom Yum Prawn Soup (a mildly spicy shrimp soup) and our specialty , Stir-Fry Duck ( Slices of tender duck mixed with green Vegetables & fresh Mushrooms). These favourites should be available in any proper Thai restaurant anywhere in the world.

Thai Ginger For lunch?

A light one dish meal might be preferred, say our Combination Fried Rice from or the famous Pad Thai (rice noodles stir fried with an egg, tofu and vegetables, and garnished with ground peanuts).

A proper meal when friends gather in Thailand, however, will always include many selections. The more people present, the more the different dishes that will be ordered. Unlike a western dinner, a Thai meal will not be served in courses. There may be a light appetizer, like our famous Curry Puffs. But the main dishes will probably all arrive at nearly the same time. Diners help themselves by using a large serving spoon to take as much of whatever they want. There will invariably be a Curry possibly Penang Curry (mild curry made with coconut milk (not ghee as in India), and one or more chicken or fish dishes.

A spicy salad such as Yam Talay (Combination Seafood)may also be included, provided there are enough people to warrant it. Every effort is made to try to balance the meal, both in respect to taste and to visual appearance. (The Thais are great lovers of beauty.) At large gatherings, a common practice is to finish the meal by ordering a huge plate of fried rice to ensure that no one goes away hungry. Soft drinks or fruit juices are often ordered for the women and children, with the men opting for the ice cold SINGHA Thai beer which is on the Dine In Menu at Thai Ginger.

Thai Ginger are proud 2008 Regional Finalists in the Restaurant & Catering Awards QLD.